This was suposed to be about racing, but Who knows where it will go? Commuting will be poping up a lot now that I often ride to work.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I suck. I only rode about 22 miles today and I'm wiped out. I went to York River SP and did two loops on the Marl Ravine and Laurel Glenn trails, then I went and did a loop at the Patriot ride, with lots of rest stops, I even took the last bailout before finishing the loop. I think I'll ride my road bike tomorrow, that always motivates me to ride my mountain bike more.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Howdy folks. Well, the knee is all better but the ankle is still pretty wobbly and painful. I did a couple of rides during the holiday weekend. Friday's was about 40-miles with the last ten were in a severe lightning storm with hail ... it was awesome. I was glad to be among some tall trees. When I hit the neighborhood, car alarms were going off everywhere. The lightning was coming in danger close. That was some scary shit! I rode 50-miles on Sunday. My route usually takes me through the boardwalk. Dodging drunks at the beach is pretty good for developing your technical skills. I had three near misses with people on the phone while riding their bike. No ear peace, just hold the phone with your shoulder and look at the ground. Maybe I should start plowing into these folks. What a wake up call. 220 pounds of angry Marine plowing through some cell phone zombie. Monday's ride was 35-miles and pretty uneventful, except that I ran out of water and it was damn hot out, but I made it anyway

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Howdy folks. Well, I had to run at work this past Monday and it wasn't good. I have a pain in my knee. I'm not sure what it is, I've never had a knee injury. It's not swollen but every time I move it there is a sharp pain on the outside of the joint. I wonder if my weakened ankle has anything to do with it? I'm also considering racing in the Virginia DeRailer series. I hope these joint problems don't hold me up. Getting old is not for sissies.

Monday, May 22, 2006

For years I’ve been an introverted rider. For about the past ten years I’ve been avoiding rides with groups including more people than me, myself and I. The Tour De Cure was a sure change from what I’m used to. So was the Ride of Silence, but as you can see in my earlier post, I wasn’t very impressed with that. This all led up to my joining of the Eastern Virginia Mountainbike Association. Yesterday I went on a group ride with these folks at some trails near my home. I couldn’t have had a better experience with a group. It was fun and laid back and none of the attitudes I’ve seen in the past. All together I rode four loops. Three of which were led by one of the guys who is working with the city on organizing the trails a little better and his loop is about half a mile longer than mine with lots of twists and turns. I only had one flat, so it was a good day at Ipswich. After all the riding was done we all went to the VP’s house for a kick ass dinner. I think I might have to give up my reclusive ways.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another great week. I only got to commute one day, but I got to ride in the afternoon a lot. I'm going to have to reroute my trip home. The crack heads and their dealers are taking way too much notice of me and my bike and I've started blowing through a lot more red lights and stop signs. I'm worried that if I have a flat in the wrong place, I'll be taking the heel-toe express the rest of the way home.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ok, so I go out to the Ride of Silence today and I've ridden with roadies once before during the Tour De Cure and those folks seemed ok. The people I rode with today ... were something all together different. The first thing I noticed was the target fixation. I can't conceive how someone could concentrate so much on the rider in front of them that they need hand signals to tell them to slow down. You would think that with so much concentration on the jersey in front of them that they could tell that it's getting closer. Another thing, why point at every variation in the road surface. Out of a 10 mile ride I saw two potholes that warranted attention, I mean why point at every little tar patch? After a while I started to run over everything they pointed at to show those behind me that their fears were unfounded. Anyone want to buy a roadbike?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ok, Don't put useless crap in the coments section. I will delete your spam.

Well hey, I started off with my usual ride today, but a quarter of the way through it I decided to turn around and come back the same way(basically just ride to the ocean and back). Now, part of my journey takes me through First Landing State park along the Multi-Use Trail (the name doesn't stick) and I'm used to people jumping in front of me when I tell them that I am passing them on their left. Now it happened again today, no big deal to me. I managed to avoid injury to to the walker or myself. However on my return trip, along the same paved section I see my walker ahead, apparently he has had enough and is heading back to the car. Anyway, remembering his tendency to dart(it's amazing that something so large can move so fast) I keep silent and far to the left as I pass by with several feet to spare and what do I hear? "Hey, how about a warning next time!"